Just like the Fairhall family, you too could save water in your home with FREE water saving devices from your supplier (just visit their website). 

You may be surprised to learn that with just a few gadgets, you can immediately start to reduce your water consumption by as much as 95 litres per day, using less gas, electricity, oil, saving carbon and a tidy sum on your utility bills. Everyone can save money this way, not only those that pay for their water by the meter. 

Shower timer

Reducing your shower time to five minutes or under can save you up to five litres per day. When you shower turn the timer over and get out when the sand runs out. Even if you’re showering daily, you’ll use a third less water than if you had a bath.

If a family of four each cut their shower time by only one minute, they could save around £60 per year on their energy bill.

have a shower not a bath


These bags go inside your toilet cistern and can save up to three litres of water every time you flush! They’re really easy to install and are suited to all different types of toilet.

Tap aerators

Up to 18 litres of water can flow from your tap per minute. The tap aerator can reduce this to around 10 litres per minute, which will mean you’ll save money when you run the hot tap.

Tap aerators do this by having precision-made holes, filters or flow aerators that regulate the flow of water without changing how it feels to you, often using up to 30% less water than your usual tap fittings. They’re also really easy to fit.

Water saving shower head

The Fairhall family have installed a water saving shower head, which will save a family of four an additional £67 per year on their energy bills.

These shower heads use technology that can produce a water flow that feels far higher than they actually are – an easy way to save money and up to 30 litres per day! They’re most effective on power and mixer showers with a high flow rate and are easy to install.

install a water efficient showerhead

Water efficient appliances

If possible, you can save even more water by switching to water saving appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Look for products with the new Water Efficient Product Label and/or the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark to find the best models to save you water, energy and money.

Even more ways to help you save water!

Did you know that the average family uses 500 litres of water every day?

Reducing the amount of water we use is good for the environment, reducing the amount of hot water you use and saving money on your energy bill.

Did you know that a running tap wastes more than six litres of water per minute? Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face. Also, use cold water when you don’t need it hot!

A bath uses around 80 litres of water and a five minute shower uses around 35 litres – take a shower instead of a bath and save around £45 per year on your energy bill!

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