Doing the laundry – doesn’t it feel like it’s a never ending cycle? You never seem to ever quite get to the bottom of the washing basket, especially if you have children. Where do all those clothes come from?!? 

So, whilst we can’t promise to make washing an enjoyable affair, we can help you make it cheaper for do your daily/weekly loads. You may be interested to know that your washing machine accounts for around 7% of the energy you use in your home so it’s a good idea to check you’re not spending needlessly. By making a few simple changes you can make savings. The Fairhall family recently tried some of these tips and were really pleased with the savings they made.

Check out their video to see how easy it can be.

Other useful tips;

  • Go for full

Only use your washing machine when it’s full. Most washing machines now have a half load setting which may seem like the good option economically but in fact washing one large load will take less energy than washing two loads on a low or medium setting.

  • Cool it!

Use lower temperature settings, ie 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees, and you could save up to £10 a year. Use warm or cold water for the wash cycle instead of hot and only use cold for rinses. Find a detergent that works well with cooler water and presoak really dirty clothes. The temperature of the rinse water does not affect cleaning, so always set the washing machine on cold water rinse.

We’d recommend that you do occasional hot washes to get rid of bacteria and prevent the build up of odours in your machine.

  • In a spin

Use a high spin speed so your clothes come out almost dry. This will make drying, both on the washing line or tumble dryer, much quicker.

  • Hung out to dry

You can also make savings on your drying. The most efficient way to dry is to hang your clothes outside. You can save £20 a year by doing this. If you want to, or have to, use a drier there are ways you can save here too.

  • Dry similar fabrics together and only dry clothes as much as necessary. This will also reduce the need for ironing – another big energy user
  • Make sure the machine is full
  • Use tumble dryer balls/cubes. These will both reduce drying time for tumble dryers and soften and reduce creases, without any fabric softeners. Free of irritating harsh chemicals, not only do they help reduce your energy bill, they’re environmentally friendly too
  • Try to do all your drying in one go. A second load can take advantage of the heat that has already built up in the machine

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The Fairhalls save a load on their washing - click on our pic to watch our video

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