Work out how much you’ll save by switching to energy efficient light bulbs with our easy guide, as used by Hannah in our latest video.

  • Look at the typical wattage of the bulbs you’re currently using (usually this is between 60 – 100 W)
  • Divide this by 1000 to find the electronic unit of power, the kilowatt (kW)
  • Multiply this by the number of hours the light bulb is on in one day (normally we’d say about four hours is a good estimate)
  • Multiply this by 365 to give you the annual energy consumption
  • Multiply this by 0.16 to find out the annual cost in £

By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to see the huge savings you can make by switching your light bulbs.

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By using this guide, Hannah worked out that she’d save over £10 per year, per bulb, when switching from a traditional filament lamp to an LED light bulb. What’s more, she saved even further by shopping locally and finding LED bulbs at a great price.

We’d recommend you do the same, shopping around and looking online to find the best prices you can, as this will reduce your total running cost even further over the year and the course of the light bulb’s lifetime (up to 10 years!!).

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