A hundred and one ways to save money

Wherever you look around your home, you can find ways to conserve energy and save yourself some money. The living room, kitchen, bedroom…even the hall. Everywhere. And the first place you should look for ways to cut your bills is right here.

  • Things to do in the living room

    • Move furniture away from radiators to improve air flow
    • Close curtains and doors at dusk to stop draughts
    • Keep the temperature between 18–21°. Turning down the temperature by 1° could save you around £65 a year
    • Set your heating timer so that it comes on just before you wake up and before you get home at night
    • You could save between £50 and £80 by not leaving appliances on standby or on charge unnecessarily
    • Replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones. One energy efficient bulb can save around £45 over its lifetime of about 15 years.
  • Things to do in the bedroom

    • When it’s really cold, thermal underwear and bed socks can all help to keep you warm
    • Using a hot water bottle or an electric blanket is another way to keep warm at night, but never use both together
    • Turn the radiator on in the bedroom half an hour before you get into bed and turn it off in the morning
    • Your bedroom can be kept at 18° and still be comfortable
    • Block up draughts around windows and doors and save around £30 a year
    • In rooms you use less often, turn the heating down using the radiator valves.
  • Things to do in the bathroom

    • Having a shower instead of a bath will reduce hot water consumption by about 50%, saving around £45 a year
    • Don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth
    • Is your water too hot? If you have a hot water tank check your cylinder thermostat to make sure it is set to exactly 60°/140°. To prevent Legionnaire’s disease, your hot water tank must never be less than 60°/140°
    • Fix dripping taps as soon as possible; one dripping water tap can waste the same amount of water as one hot bath a week
    • Reduce your shower time by one minute and save £15 a year.
  • Things to do in the kitchen

    • Put lids on saucepans; food will cook quicker and save you money on your gas or electricity bills
    • Don’t leave the fridge door open and defrost it regularly
    • Use your washing machine only when full. Setting the temperature to 30°C not 40°C will save around £10 a year
    • Drying clothes outside in the summer months will save you up to £20 a year
    • Only boil the amount of water you need in the kettle and save around £10 a year
    • When a room is empty, make sure that the lights are turned off to save around £10 a year
    • Having regular hot meals and drinks will help keep you warm in the winter.

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