• Meet Mum

    Busy housewife and mum to Cameron, Sky and Lottie, 26-year old Hannah is taking part in our Energy Saving Challenge because she wants to save money, pure and simple.

    She can’t wait to show the kids all the ways they can help, although it sounds like husband Harry is the real energy villain at home, leaving his computer on day and night. But Hannah knows it’s these little things, like turning off consoles and computers, that are going to be the toughest for them all to remember. She’s looking forward to the challenge, but not as much as the shopping spree she’s planning after it!

  • Meet Dad

    Duty Manager for a discount supermarket chain, 26-year-old Harry hopes the Energy Saving Challenge will give his family the chance to work together as a unit and to save some money.

    He’s interested to see how much energy they actually do use, and how big a difference a few little changes will make. He knows he’s the major culprit, playing consoles, watching TV and leaving the room with the light still on. Getting into the habit of turning everything off is going to be his biggest challenge. Could be worth it though. If all goes to plan, he hopes to spend what they save on a family holiday to Vegas!

  • Meet Cameron

    Cameron may be only 7 years old but he’s no fool, he knows who the biggest energy villain in his home, his Dad! Who else is always playing on the Xbox?! Cameron’s looking forward to the challenge, but knows he’s going to have to run really fast to turn everything off!

  • Meet Skye

    5-year old Sky also has Dad’s card marked. He never turns off the lights and always has a computer game on the go! Already watching the pennies, Skye plans to put what they save somewhere safe, like her Cadbury’s purse, and buy something really important. She thinks a torch.

  • Meet Lottie

    Lottie wasn’t free to comment, she’s only 4 months old and needs her sleep. Conserving energy already then…

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