Do1Thing to make a very big difference

Do1Thing – because the smallest things really can make the biggest difference. Spend one minute less in the shower, don’t leave appliances on standby, use a bowl to wash up, turn off the telly, fix a dripping tap. The list of things you can do around the home every day to conserve energy is endless. It’s also priceless, saving you more money for when it’s really needed.

Check out your favourite top energy-conserving, money-saving tips below, and get inspired to start the Do1Thing challenge by watching this video:

Helping us show you how easy it can be to Do1Thing is the Fairhall family from Chelmsford. Just like other families in the UK, they have seen their utility bills rise and rise over recent years and now they’re ready to make the small changes that will help them save money. They have been filming themselves doing simple things around their home to save energy and cut the amount they spend on their energy and water bills.

Their short monthly video blogs will show you what you can do and how much it can save you. Join them on their journey to Do1Thing by clicking the image below;


See how easy it is – watch our energy saving family Do1Thing

The Fairhall children have been really busy making sure their parents keep up the good work and continue to Do1Thing. Read how they are getting on with their mission here.

Top 5 most done tips

Wow! If everyone continued to do their done things, we’d save a whopping £137873 a year. See below for the top five most done tips.

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  3. 92 People have done it
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Today's tip

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Turn appliances off at the wall when not in use

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